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img_1564My name is Shauna. The Madonna was added many years ago by a favorite relative of mine. At that time, it was one of the only names I answered to because it was fun, and it was me. Fashion has always been my thing. I am a descendant of a fly grandfather, so I feel like it’s just in my blood, but few people get to witness it because I manage to forget pictures on my good days. In all honesty, I’m introverted and lazy but when I feel like it, I feel like it. This is me making everyday a good day, coming out of my shell, practicing consistency and sharing my passion with the world. Follow me while I elevate my wardrobe, watch tons of beginner’s makeup tutorials, learn how to work this fancy camera along with my angles, repair my skin and so much more. Feedback and inspiration are always welcome. Send me looks to recreate. Introduce me to your new boutique or favorite store. Affordability and a good stretch are key essentials for me.  All are welcome. However, this blog is dedicated to the fat, fine, & fly. Enter your email address below to receive new post notifications and tell your friends and family to do the same!


  1. Anonymous

    Dear Fashion,
    Thanks for the Rock Solid post. Very informative. And, I didn’t think to replace bras every 6 months. Also, my granddaughter’s girls are very noticeable at age 7. I started buying her sports bras but when should I start buying support bras for her?
    Big Momma
    Atlanta, GA


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