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Like shape wear and good bras, accessories are another component that can make or break great outfits. Simple or extravagant, they just add a certain flare. Earrings and a stack of bracelets always make me feel extra girly. Especially, if my nails are on point. A touch of gold, a touch of silver, a blend of mixed metals. Whatever works for you, do it!

Minimal or Statement?

Minimal jewelry is simple, usually on the smaller scale with primary structures. Statement jewelry is “visually striking” and demands attention. I prefer a look that is somewhere in between. We’ll call it mini-statement. I tend to make my choices based on the neckline of my top or dress. For example, a statement piece under a collared shirt and a downplay of midi-rings and studs to complete my look. Extra is not my thing but if you’re going to do it; Do it like, Iris Apfel.


Accessory Etiquette

Everyday Accessories

Simple is always best for every day, all day wear.

  • Keepsake necklaces
  • Wedding bands or rings
  • A simple bracelet or a simple stack of bracelets
  • A wristwatch

“My office hours are from 9-5!”

When at work, the quieter the better. No one likes a noisy neighbor.

Conservative Environments

  • Avoid bangles or anything that jingles.
  • Studs are always a go!
  • Tone down the bling!

Casual Environments

  • Hoops and large earrings are acceptable, if they aren’t noisy or distracting.
  • Add some sparkle to your day.
  • No computers? Stack your bracelets.
  • Broaches are an easy way to add pizzazz.

If your uniform requires you to be fashionable for the purpose of sales, go with whatever makes your outfit pop. If you want to make it REALLY easy, work for yourself so you can wear what you want!

“Shine bright, like a diamond”

Formal wear should always be elegant and complimenting to your dress or suit of choice.

  • Choose one piece to compliment your best feature.
    • Statement necklaces bring attention to your face.
    • Diamond earrings flatter cheekbones and jawlines.
  • Choose pearls, diamonds, or other precious stones
  • Too much jewelry is overwhelming and can take away from your overall look

Accessories are not limited to rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. If you’re having a bad hair day, grab your favorite scarf, shirt, or skirt and tie up a cute turban. Want to add to your little black dress? Head to your favorite thrift store and find a unique clutch. Whatever you do, make it YOU and have fun.


Cardigan : Wal-Mart-$9

T-Shirt: Wal-Mart-$7.48

Houndstooth Ponte Pants: Wal-Mart -$5

Wide-Width Ballet Flats: Cato – $20

Total: $41.48

 I was unable to find a necklace to compliment my outfit so opted for a stack of gold bangles, studs, midi-rings and a tasseled cross-body bag. Fun Fact: My cardigan is actually olive green!

As always, add your tips and suggestions below. Shout out your favorite jeweler and show us your favorite pieces. Thank you for your support and don’t forget to follow!

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