The Dog Days

“Sacrifices that you’ll never know, like love and friends and my kin stressing me about my ends. To no end, until I cop a Benz with rims, but you’ll never know.”



“I quit my dead-end job; I had no money and no idea what I was going to do. The next year I was making well over six figures doing what I love.” Everyone loves a good struggle story unless they are the ones struggling.
Right now, today, I am the struggle. The struggle is me. When I started this blog, I thought I had all the tools necessary to make it pop. I had great content ideas, outfits, and I had an excellent camera. I quickly learned that was not the case.

There was nothing new or unusual about my content. The ease and effortlessness that once came with getting dressed were no more. The fancy camera I begged for is not practical for everyday posting, and I STILL can’t work it consistently.
I figured I’d upgrade my phone for a better camera, use my amazon gift cards to invest in lighting and I can make my new visitors stick. Upgrading my phone didn’t work, because well…Sprint, and my new visitors dwindled. I somewhat gave up and found myself in a mental rut.
Writing for an inconsistent marketing company doesn’t help either. I need my coin. I have bright ideas, but it costs to make them happen, and I refuse to settle in a position just to get by. That’s how people get stuck in jobs they hate, and that won’t be me.
Am I just sitting around waiting for things to change? No. I’m doing my part. However, I’m having trouble with patience.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve let go of anything, and anybody who doesn’t serve me well, and I’ve let go of all added stress. I decided not to be bothered by people who are only happy for me when I do what THEY think I should. All of my trust is in God, and everything is already worked out.
I know some of you will enjoy reading this. Save it to your favorites and enjoy it while you can because the dog days are almost over.

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