The Cuffing Season Series: Cuff Yourself

“You are everything and everything is you.”

Mary J. Blige

Summer is officially over. It’s chilly out. The air smells like sweet love and warm cuddles. Your friends are falling back in love. “Cuffing Season! Is that you playa?!” Yep, in full effect. 

You’re bored now and tempted to make a call. Don’t do it. Especially if you ain’t ready! Use this go ‘round to fill your cup. Sometimes, you don’t realize how drained you were until you start taking care of your own mind, body and soul. Enjoy the benefits of cuffing yourself!


“I do what I want. You do what you can.”

The best benefit of being single is doing what the hell you want. No check-ins or considerations are necessary. Use this time to map out your goals and desires. Apply for the job across country! Date Daniel tonight and meet Jamal for lunch tomorrow. Explore your options, sis! Safely. 

Taking Care of Your Mind

“Free your mind and the rest will follow!”

Between work and life, your mind is constantly going. The time to clear your mind with intention is now. Listen to her. She speaks and she tells you exactly what she needs. For real, For real! Just last month she told you she was “sick of these n—” never mind let’s just get her together. 

  1. Meditate. A great way to practice focusing and calming your mind, meditating helps remove worries and distractions.
  2. Journal. Dance. Color. Enjoy yourself and restore your emotions. 
  3. Be Present. Become aware of your surroundings and appreciate the small things, like taking a shower. Remember how you feel and show gratitude. Unplug for 30 minutes. Social media will be there when you get back.

Take Care of Your Body

“I’m fine to the bone.”

Not just the month before summer. I don’t know about you, but we’re on a “glow all year, forever” mission over here.

  1. Sleep. Sleep deprivation affects your judgement, weight, and moods.  Enjoy the whole bed, girl! Snore. Slobber. Get it in because you need it! 
  2. Exercise. 30 minutes a day! It’s a struggle getting there but one of the best feelings of accomplishments, ever!
  3. Hydrate. How much do you weigh? Divide that number by two and drink that number in ounces daily. Remember, glow all year. Forever!

Take Care of Your Soul

“I was taught to feed the soul with or without hot ovens, here’s a plate!”

When your spirit ain’t right, it shows. Nourish your soul! You can’t have a banging body, strong mind and rotten insides. 

  1. Read. Your bible. Daily Devotions. Self-help books. Learn ways to flourish and work through trials. Lose yourself in fiction. It’s ok to escape and come back refreshed. 
  2. Serve. Dedicate your time to making someone else smile without the expectations of getting anything in return. Show your appreciation for a person or place who’s showed you love. 
  3. Forgive. Grudge holding only affects one person: the holder. Grudges are unnecessary dead weight. Give it to God. There’s no better way to free the soul.

Mind—Body—Soul. They need you. You need them. Build a solid relationship with those three before you rush into temporary cuddles.

For my “I’ve done all that and I’m ready” ladies. The “That’s cute but I’m cold” ladies. Stay tuned…

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